You In Bali



UPDATE! We have room for 1-2 more participants evcn though we’re past the due date.

Read on, and contact us today at support@ChristiEl.net


ChristiEl & KenLa invite you to join us June 3-15, 2018

on our 3rd Bali Journey for the potent June new moon time. 

Spacious. Heart connected. Shedding old skin realities. Birth anew. Rejuvenate.

Join us in riding the tsunami of awakening and healing 

right into your new life in Ken’s unique and special Bali Hai. 


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Kenla as Bridge & Gate Keeper. 

ChristiEl as Sound Alchemist/Healer & Awakening Guide.


     ♡ Does your heart long to awaken to even more of who you are?

     ♡ Are you seeking deep healing and nourishing of your body, mind, and spirit?

     ♡ Are you ready for something you’ve never experienced before?

     ♡ Do you love beautiful places and amazing energy?


In Bali, all of Life is a celebration. 

We are joining the Balinese at their finest, most amazing temple festival time 

as honored guests and family.


This Bali journey is a living meditation, 

and will release the full potential of our soul. 

The foundation of this journey is Harmony! Joy! Laughter! 


How can we find the greatest harmony? How can we BE peace?  

Bali itself facilitates the nervous system to relax, 

and transformation comes with Ease and Grace. 


Bali is the ultimate exhale. 

Bali is Life personified. 

Bali is Love.


Join us in connecting to your authentic soul essence. Remember who you really are, who you have all ways been. Pure. Pristine. Perfect. This is a Holistic & Synergistic program where each ceremony, ritual, prayer, offering and dance builds on the last. What we know is after these two weeks your life will never be the same again. It is the finest program we have ever facilitated.


Please enjoy this complimentary livestream on More Than You Could Ever Ask For.Listen in to see how everything that your heart desires is pointing you home to what you are, and receive energetic assistance to move you through past disappointments and future expectations so that you might be present to receive the amazing gifts that are so far beyond what we can ask or imagine. Also included is an activation of the pure center of your power. The last 20 minutes are more information about the upcoming trip to Bali in June of 2018. Here we drop into the sensory and energetic experience of what it is like to be there.

More Than You Could Ever Ask For


Your Sacred Journey Includes:

  • 13 day and 12 nights of deluxe, nurturing and beautiful accommodations
  • Most meals, many prepared with organic ingredients by Ken’s partner Sam who is a Thai chef.
  • Gifting of traditional sarongs
  • In-depth diagnosis with a master healer.
  • 14 sacred ceremonies, healing rituals and charismatic energy sessions provided by 5 different Balinese healers, shamans, and high priest/priestesses.
  • Participation in Kuningan Day, one of Bali’s most amazing festivals. We will celebrate dance, prayers and sound at one of Bali’s finest temple ceremonies. This festival only happens once a year!
  • 5-7 Integrative ChristiEl Sound Alchemy Sessions to support your transformation with ease and grace.
  • Time for Sacred Shopping
  • Time to unwind and be nurtured at the deluxe spa of an oceanfront resort.

*airfair not included


  • 4-5 participants $6395
  • 6-8 participants $5895
  • 9-14 participants $5495


Please email  support@christiel.net for payment details.