Experience the Transformational Energy of ChristiEl

ChristiEl Session

ChristiEl is the vibrational signature that I embody in my work with clients. This energy is a collective of infinitely peaceful and powerful consciousness beyond the paradigm of duality. This is my speciality: bridging you to non-polar vibrations that have never known light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong. They are the very heart of Source and of what you are.

I am here to embody, emanate, and awaken these energies in you and on the planet. The result is both cosmic and practical, because once free from the duality of separation, we are fully awake and our lives become much, much easier!  The connection and energy I offer is pristine, powerful, clear, brilliantly beautiful, heart-centered, and full of wisdom beyond time. The vibrational signature is embodied in my form, heart and voice, and then emanates through sound, including soul illumination singing, conversation, and intuitive guidance.

Clients have received a variety of benefits through ChristiEl sessions, classes, and teleseminars. They have found freedom from long-standing burdens, resolved intense struggles, healed deep wounds, and awakened into expanded states of consciousness and awareness. Most importantly they have come home into the amazing truth of who they are, where all joy, clarity, ease and love is found.

They have also found relief from physical issues and symptoms, transformed their negative self-talk, cleared long-standing experiences of performance anxiety and stress, improved relationships, and much, much more. ChristiEl sessions and classes help you return to your natural state, one that is brilliantly clear and infinitely equipped to experience life with joy, freedom, wellness, and peace.

You may experience many things in a session included but not limited to

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Soul Illumination and Retrieval

Energetic Activations

                Consciousness Coaching




All ChristiEl sessions and classes are designed to activate the full presence of the infinite being that you are, and lead you to your deepest awareness and freest expression of that being in every area of your life.