The Power Within: Use Your Voice to Change Your Life


Get this powerful video workshop to learn how to

sing freely and easily while tapping into your innate, vibrational power in sound.


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Who is this workshop for?

  • For you, if you simply love to sing (or think you can’t!), and would like to claim the power of your voice to freely express who you truly are.
  • For you, if you would like to deepen your spiritual and meditative practices for centering, clearing, and healing.
  • For you, if you’re an energy practitioner, coach, or body worker who is ready to deepen their work with clients by adding this universal modality in your sessions.
  • For you, if you’re a singer who’d like to exponentially increase the impact of your voice.


In my work with thousands of clients and students, I have consistently encountered two universal and crippling misperceptions:

  • People don’t like the sound of their own voice (or think they can’t sing)
  • They struggle to realize, embody and express their own power


Would you like to sing with ease for the sheer joy of it, while accessing and directing your pure, vibrational power in sound?




What is Included:

This 3-hour workshop consists of two parts: Essentials of Singing and Energetics of Vocal Alchemy.

Part one focuses on how to make the sounds you want to make including

  • Resonance/Placement
  • Breathing/Breath Control
  • Anatomy of Singing
  • Troubleshooting (how to overcome your particular vocal challenges and sing freely without tension)

Part two focuses on the Energetics of Vocal Alchemy (sometimes called toning) and will show you how to embody and transmit transformational frequencies including:

  • Clearing
  • Healing
  • Relaxation
  • Transcendent States
  • Embodying Oneness

There is also the option to buy the workshop plus a private vocal coaching session with Christine so that you might receive focused, individual attention.




Why learn from Christine?

Christine is unique in that she is an expert in the fields of both music and consciousness. She knows the voice inside and out, bringing you over 30 years of experience as a voice teacher and professional singer, including 15 years as a university professor and an extensive resume of professional solo engagements including Carnegie Hall. She is equally versed in energy healing, consciousness facilitation and shamanic practices. As an awakening guide and sound channel, she has been featured on the Beyond the Ordinary Show, Straight Talk for the Soul, and Your Divine Uniqueness, and has facilitated thousands into their own healing and awakening. 

So not only can she expertly teach you the mechanics of your voice and how to overcome those baffling technical difficulties, she can guide you to channel the power of your own energy through sound for you and others.


Read what people have said about Christine’s vocal alchemy as well as her classes: 

About Christine’s Vocal Alchemy:

“Wow, I felt that instantly align all of my chakras!” – Patricia, Salem, OR

“Your song was so powerful, it was the voice of God.” – Rikka Zimmerman

“Christine is amazing, I have never met anyone that does what she does.  When she is toning with you, you can feel the sound coming into your body and dissolving any blocks or barriers in your system.  My system was in overwhelm from being on the road for too long and working on so many people.  After my session with Christine I felt brand new again.” – Zach Rehder


About Vocal Alchemy Workshops:

“Your Transformational Toning workshop was transformational for me! It opened up my voice in a whole new way…I channeled and sang songs…it was brilliant!!  – Rachel, Australia

“This workshop was great. I had no idea that toning was so powerful. You are a very comforting presence for exploring new worlds. I discovered that toning raises my vibration in a light and easy manner. The transformation that I have experienced has been overwhelming at times, but after playing with this wonderful new tool I feel grounded and peaceful. Thank you!” – Tom, Florida




What is Sound Alchemy?


Click here to check out these recent sound transmissions to receive a direct experience of the power of sound alchemy:

River Transmission

Youtube Sound Alchemy


Classically speaking, alchemy is a seemingly magical process that includes both creation and transformation, allowing one substance to shift into another (lead into gold, for example). At its core, alchemy is based on the premise that everything in the universe already contains the whole of magnificence within it, no matter its current, visible form. In other words, lead has always contained all that it needs to become gold and even more directly, is gold already.

In transformational consciousness, we begin with a similar, alchemical understanding that we already are what we are seeking – that the love, wholeness, and well-being we desire is already within us. There is simply interference to experiencing that in our lives.

Thus in its simplest form, alchemy can be understood as the process of revealing something’s true nature within, which is always completely whole.

We add to this the power of sound.

  • We all know the way a song or piece of music can touch the deepest parts of our hearts.
  • We experience how the sounds of nature relax our bodies and minds.
  • We’ve witnessed and experienced the power of a kind word or a harsh one.
  • Vocal sound has been part of every major spiritual tradition since the dawn of time through chanting, singing, and toning, and the primal Om.

With Vocal Alchemy, you will learn to use your voice to tap into the universal power of sound. You will discover how to remove the interference to your experience of the well-being and harmony that already lives within you. Our perception of this process is that we clear, transmute, and transform “negative” or “stuck” energies while also embodying the energies we desire. The truth of what is happening is that we are simply aligning with what we already are by removing the interference to our perception of that wholeness.

I am honored to be your sacred guide to discovering the transformational power of your own voice, and the universe within you in sound. I’d love for you to be part of our awakening wave on August 25! (Replay Available).


Money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with what you receive in the workshop, just let us know, and we’ll happily refund your purchase. We feel that confident about what is offered in this workshop!