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Heart of the Matter

ChristiEl Connection is where you’ll find articles and tools for navigating the consciousness journey.

It’s also where I share my love for photography coupled with teaching. I love our beautiful world so much, and it has taught me that what we look for does indeed show up in our experience.

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ChristiEl Connection

Many of my photos are hearts, over 3,000 to date! My playful fascination with hearts began with rocks. Heart rocks would show up wherever I went, and I’d bring them home. Pretty soon I had collected so many my house was overflowing with them, like too many stray pets! So I started taking pictures of the heart rocks instead. At that point hearts began showing up in all sorts of places: food, flowers, even garbage.

I love sharing the images as well as the Gems of Awakening Awareness. Come here for inspirational nuggets and for visual beauty to make your heart sing.

And here are couple of heart and music videos, one contemplative, one playful.
An energetic heart massage. Enjoy!