“Your song was so powerful, it was the voice of God.” – Rikka Zimmerman, Global Consciousness Leader









“This single session has been more

helpful than all of my years of therapy combined.”

– Shauna, Portland, OR







img_5747-1“Christine is amazing, I have never met anyone that does what she does.  When she is toning with you, you can feel the sound coming into your body and dissolving any blocks or barriers in your system.  My system was in overwhelm from being on the road for too long and working on so many people.  After my session with Christine I felt brand new again.” – Zach Rehder, Energy Healer, Denver, CO




“Christine Laria is IMG_6228amazing! She is heaven on earth, angel and therapist, a guide to the light, eternal, blissful freedom that dwells in you. Knowledge and Energy, Wisdom and Love, the real deal!” – David, Los Angeles, CA





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“In one session, Christine gently assisted me in discovering and healing a 30-year-old emotional wound that had caused me to resent my daughter rather than seeing that in fact I had been resenting and not forgiving myself. She uses a unique combination of emotional/spiritual inquiry, compassion, and music. I walked out with a very old burden utterly lifted, and the resulting lightness and joy has remained intact since that session. I have had sessions with many spiritual teachers and healers over the past 40 years, and can truly say that none have been as efficient and insightful as Christine Elder. She is truly unique.” – Lucy, Salem, OR


Lucy-3001“You have touched my heart and soul in such an amazing way. You have forever changed my reality and I know it will never be the same again! I can feel my body changing and opening up as I too experience the freedom and the joy of being my god-self in this beautiful new world. I am so grateful to you.” – Marita, Australia





“Thank you for working with me and opening me up so freely to the love that I am. I am rejoicing in the fact that I am learning to LOVE my body and mind again, and when I looked in the mirror this morning my first thought was one of love for my curves instead of judgment. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do.”  – Kyra



“I want to express my appreciation for our class. It was fascinating to notice that the content I worked with during the call is no longer with me. How delightful!  How freeing! I picked up many gems in re-listening.  AND both times found the meditation and toning to be very expansive and powerful. Beautifully created and guided…. Thank you Dear One for sharing your wonderful Presence with us!” – Leslie, Vancouver, BC



IMG_4018“Christine’s gentle and continuous support and encouragement made our deep opening easy. My relationships are ever expanding and are so much easier and smoother.”  – Arianna, Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada





Version 2“I have been sitting in session with Christine for several months now. Christine’s effervescent, positive presence is so supportive and her clear seeing is invaluable for getting to the heart of the matter for healing and upliftment. She has a deep, intelligent understanding of the ways that experience and conditioning have imprinted on us, and allows space for that, but she never loses track of the view from the high, free, well-lit space of the spirit. I truly enjoy my time with Christine, and wherever we begin, we always end up soaring in the high vibration of our native beingness. Bravo!” – Julie, Salem, OR



“I can’t put into words how much this amazing person has impacted my life. Christine has taught me countless lessons about living a life full of love and passion and play.” – Erica, Salem, OR










“Beautiful…Radiant…Healing. Christine, you are a ‘Star-Child’ bringing the ‘Breath of God’ to all you touch…Your journey lights others’ journey as you walk.”  – Don, Salem, OR







“Thank you Christine, for the gift of your meditation, a  LightandSoundlicious, Earth-Cosmos Unifying, BodyPurifying experience! May you be blessed! Your toning enlivens and activates every cell!” – Armila, Vancouver, BC






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