Laria Coaching, Awakening and Sound Healing Sessions can be experienced in person or via phone or skype.

Discounted bundle packages are available.

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Awakening (Coaching) Session
This hour session is where powerful insight, support, and pure sound energy help you wake up into the truth of your being in every area of your life. Think life coaching sessions with an awakening guide assisted by powerful vibrational alignment. Our time is always centered on bringing you home into all that you already are, so you can experience more of that infinite joy, ease, freedom and beauty in your life.
We can and do address anything that is holding you back from the life you love to live, whether those items be physical, emotional, mental, situational, or spiritual. Check out  the testimonial page to see the ways that Awakening Sound Sessions have shifted the lives of my clients! http://christiel.net/testimonials/


Soul Song Transmission
This beautiful session is the most potent of the Laria Sound Alchemy transmissions, and is unique among all of my offerings as it is a powerful act of mutual creation. You become the author of the sound alchemy that comes forth as I follow the energy of your infinite being and shape that with crystal bowls and singing. Your presence illumines what you are ready to receive, shift, experience, and be, and then I act as the physical vehicle that delivers the vibration of all that you bring into view – no less than an illumination of your soul through song. This creation happens in real time during the session, and afterward you receive a high-quality recording of your Soul Song to listen to as often as you like. Your Soul Song is a living, breathing stream of consciousness, and will shift and transform as you do, actively engaging you energetically right where you are here and now, as well as modulating to meet and support you in new ways as your awareness expands and transforms. 

Here are some ways that the Soul Illumination Toning Transmission can serve you:

  • As deep healing, including at the level of soul loss retrieval.
  • As a living, breathing creation that shifts with you as you do.
  • As a full integration of the eternal energy that you are in your physical form.
  • As a portal to awakening and transformation.
  • As a brilliant illumination of the nature of your eternal being.

Here is what two amazing colleagues have said about Laria Sound Precision Transmissions:

“Your song was so powerful. It was the voice of God.” – Rikka Zimmerman

“Christine is amazing, I have never met anyone that does what she does. When she is toning with you, you can feel the sound coming into your body and dissolving any blocks or barriers in your system.”
– Zach Rehder