Relationship FREE Livestream


Relationships are the crucible of our conscious evolution. They are the place where we meet the deepest and most vulnerable parts of ourselves, the dark corners of our needs and fears, which means they are also powerful guides in our awakening! When we greet the things that relationship brings up for us with conscious awareness, whether with our primary partner, our family of origin, or our colleagues and co-workers, we are gifting ourselves with one of life’s greatest opportunities for awakening and coming home into the truth of what we are.


Join me for this FREE livestream to discover what your main hooks in relationship are.

  • Are you a conflict avoider?
  • Is it difficult to speak your truth plainly and clearly?
  • Is it difficult to find the right relationship?
  • Are you a people pleaser?
  • Is it challenging for you to trust?
  • Do you fear abandonment?
  • Are you judgmental of your family, partner, or colleagues?
  • Is intimacy scary?
  • Are you betrayed by those around you?
  • Do you feel no matter what you do it isn’t ever enough?


If so, there is a good reason why! Join us to uncover the core patterns driving your relationship patterns and experiences, and to begin unhooking from them for good.


We’ll gather at 5PM PDT (UTC-7), and a replay is available if you’re unable to attend live.


Let your life guide you. Every challenge that is showing up in your relationships is here for one reason and one reason only: to wake you up to the truth of your being so you can live in freedom, joy, and love. Let’s embrace your life as the Master Guide it is!


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