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Relationships are the hot spots of transformation in our lives. They are one of the most transparent pointers to where our hooks in consciousness are. I call these hooks the lies we live, because they are all basic misperceptions of the truth of what we are, which is freedom, joy, abundance and ease. Once we learn how to recognize these recurring blocks and limitations for what they are, which is master guides to our awakening, we transform our relationship with everything in our lives. 


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Read on to see if you are living any of these lies that are common hooks of awakening:

1, You feel like things happen to you, and may feel victimized by others and the world.

2. You feel you have no power or control to really shift your life into something different. You keep being undermined.

3. You feel you need to save those you love (or the world) from their problems, circumstances, or choices.

4. You feel you need to keep others happy and win their approval in order to make your way in the world.

5. You feel like if you speak your heart and truth, things will not go well.

6. You feel like no matter what you do, it is never enough.


Does any of this apply to you?


Then  join us for this 3-week, interactive video course where you will 

  • Discover the basis for all trust in relationship is within you.
  • Uncover the inner strength and courage to speak your truth
  • Shift energy around emotional intimacy from resistance and fear to freedom
  • Finally let go of the addiction of people pleasing and seeking approval
  • Discover why trying to save others’ from their lives is a great dishonoring of their divinity
  • And so much more

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Here is what is included in this transformative, interactive video class:

  • 3 Livestreams* where we unpack and transform the energies holding you back from a relationship of ease with yourself, those you love, and the world.  (Value: $97).
  • An extended Relationship Mastery Sound Alchemy transmission that includes the energy and vibration to easily shift your inner relationship, which transforms your relationship with the world. (Value: $37).
  • A free, 15-minute one-on-one Energetics of Relationship Session for you to discover where your greatest hooks around relationship are, and the tools to get you free. (Value: $57).

Total Value: $191

Your Cost: $97


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*Video Class Livestream Dates:  April 9, 16 and 23. Replays will be available.

And if you missed our Free Livestream on this topic, you can still get that here:

Relationship Free Livestream




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