Money As Your Master Guide Video Class


Money is one of the most powerful energies on our planet.

So often we experience this power as more of a challenge than a gift, yes?


But what if the inherent power of money positions it

to be one of the most masterful guides in our lives?


Money is a huge trigger for us in so many ways. It lights up our challenges around Relationship, Fear, Power, Worth, and our sense of Morality/Duality (right and wrong). The fact that money offers us so many potential constrictions is what actually poises it to be the perfect guide. Because all of the challenges showing up are here for only one reason: to set us free. “Really?!?! My money struggles are here to serve me?” Yes, they are. We unpacked this in our free livestream  that you can find here:

Free Livestream – Money as Your Master Guide


If you haven’t yet seen these brilliant Money Minute Videos where we bust the myths around money as power, morality, and worth, as well as take a look at how it mirrors our relationships and brings us to fear and anxiety, check them out here:

Money Minute Videos


I am passionate about this class because I can see where you are now (living the old paradigms around money) and where you’ll be after, where you are free and in flow, where you are having more of you, which naturally means you have more of everything, including abundance! You look so good there. It’s what you are, this freedom and flow. And money is poised to usher you into it!


Here is what is included in this transformative, interactive video class:

  • 3 Livestreams where we unpack and transform the energies holding you back from a relationship with money as abundance, freedom, and true power. We’ll cover all the topics in the Free Livestream as well as the Money Minute videos in depth and open these energies into the fuel for your transformation. (Value: $97).
  • An extended Abundance Sound Alchemy transmission that includes the energy and vibration to easily shift your relationship with money from constriction to flow (Value: $37).
  • A free, 15-minute one-on-one Energetics of Abundance Session for you to discover where your greatest hooks around money are, and the tools to get you free. (Value: $57).


Total Value: $191

Your Cost: $97

Register here:  Money As Master Guide



Livestream Dates:  March 12, 19, & 26. Replays will be available.