Meet ChristiEl


Hello amazing BE-ing! I’m so glad to meet you here. My passion is guiding you to awaken to the truth of what you are so that you can live your life as it is meant to be – abundant, joyful, healthy, and free.

I love to empower awakening people like you to experience ever greater levels of joy, clarity, and peace. This is what happens as our perception of separation within and around us ends. I am honored to be your guide to connecting your human perceptions with your pure awareness.

Once we fully bridge the divine awareness of our Being with our human experiences, we begin to live in the heaven that we truly are: peace, joy, and love. As we fully align with what we are, everything in life, whether it’s relationships, finances, health, or our state of being, becomes easier, simpler, more playful, and completely free.

What if it’s easy to be you, and only difficult to be what we are not? We unfold this ease together through online and in-person classes, retreats, and private sessions.

Want to get a sense of what we might explore together? Check out my You Tube Channel. There are dozens of videos with everything from sound activations to incredible underwater nature photography to conscious conversations and teachings.

What if it’s easy to awaken? What if it’s easy to heal and thrive? What if you’ve never gotten anything wrong, but have simply been looking for an awareness that opens up a whole new world in you? What if it’s easy to live as the brilliant and powerful Love that you are, here and now, in your body and life? This is the path I help to illumine through embodiment and emanation of the energetic signature of ChristiEl, a space of non-dual, awakened consciousness and joy, because YOU are all of that!. Combine this energy with the powerful support of  sound alchemy and laser-precise insights in consciousness, and you are ready to fly!

Sound Alchemy is one of the fastest, most powerful, and simple ways I’ve found to assist others. I utilize a combination of singing and crystal bowls to easily and quickly open and align your heart and mind, illumining the greater beauty and freedom of what you are. All of my offerings help you to align your life with the truth of you: peace, joy, ease, clarity, beauty, freedom, and love. YES.

Along the earthly lines, my personal practices include meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, and photo walks in nature. I am a certified Reiki Master, Quantum Energetics Practitioner (Quick Pulse, Advanced Pulse, and Surrogate Pulse), and have studied extensively in consciousness facilitation and energy healing, including certification as a Life Transformed Coach.

I am also a classically trained soprano soloist and former university music professor. I have a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance, and have performed as a professional soloist with orchestras and choirs throughout the Pacific Northwest and in Carnegie Hall.

Music, like everything, is vibration, and I find it very beautiful and satisfying to combine a lifetime of singing with my guiding work to awaken the planet. It is one of the most organic expressions I know.

I also spend a lot of time outdoors, anywhere beautiful! I love mountains, ocean, and high desert, and I enjoy hiking and swimming in mountain streams.



Photography is one of my favorite ways to observe and notice this beautiful planet we call home. All of the images you see on the site are mine, products of one of my favorite ways to play.



Check out my youtube channel for more of an introduction to my work. There are some Sound Illumination Transmissions, and the informative videos are short and to the point, opening up new awarenesses and perspectives to help you right here, right now.

Youtube Videos


To me, at its essence, Life (and you!) is light, joyful, loving and free. By seeing this part of you, the real you, through eternal eyes, I help you to experience more of it in your life. It’s why I love doing what I do!


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