Meet Christine


Hello amazing BE-ing! I’m so glad to meet you here. My passion is guiding you to awaken to the truth of what you are so that you can live your life as it is meant to be – abundant, joyful, healthy, and free.

I love to empower awakening people like you to experience ever greater levels of joy, clarity, and peace.

My joy is to guide you to embody the energies of awakened consciousness. The result is both cosmic and practical, because once free from the duality of separation, we are fully awake and our lives become much, much easier!

Want to get a sense of what we might explore together? Check out my You Tube Channel. There are dozens of videos with everything from sound activations to incredible underwater nature photography to conscious conversations and teachings.

Clients have received a variety of benefits through sessions, classes, and teleseminars. They have found freedom from long-standing burdens, resolved intense struggles, healed deep wounds, and awakened into expanded states of consciousness and awareness. Most importantly they have come home into the amazing truth of who they are, where all joy, clarity, ease and love is found.

They have also found relief from physical issues and symptoms, transformed their negative self-talk, cleared long-standing experiences of performance anxiety and stress, improved relationships, and much, much more. Awakening/Coaching sessions and classes help you return to your natural state, one that is brilliantly clear and infinitely equipped to experience life with joy, freedom, wellness, and peace.