Managing Your Energy


Mastering your energy is an essential aspect of living in awakened awareness. If we do not actively choose how to manage our own energy, something else will choose for us, and it will almost surely be less than ideal for our health, relationships, and well-being!


Join Master Guide Christine Laria for a livestream to explore:

  • Learning to manage and maintain your own energy system, to keep it clear, balanced, and connected to source, requiring less sleep and experiencing less stress.
  • Learning to manage your energy with others, including not taking on their energies, understanding empathy, as well as discovering tools for navigating challenging interactions without draining your own system.
  • Learning to manage your energy through time and space, so you are better prepared for what is coming.
  • Discovering the difference between clearing energy and re-creating pain.


You choose what you pay, from Free to Full Lotus. A replay is available.

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