Calm, Clear Mind

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Get the replay of this livestream where we move into the calm, clear space of our true awareness, and learn how to return there at will, far from the surge of troubling thoughts and mind chatter.  


This livestream will be both practical and incredibly expansive. And you choose what you pay. *


Do you ever wonder how thoughts get into your head? Many of us are aware of our ability to perceive others' emotions and moods (empathy), but many less are aware of our keen (though mostly unconscious) ability to perceive others' thoughts. This phenomena happens all the time. And most often, since we are thinking the thoughts, we perceive them as ours! Or we think we need to resolve or solve them in some way, when in fact they have nothing to do with us.


I have witnessed a huge surge of collective and denser thoughts pervading the minds of those I work with. People are finding themselves troubled by issues and struggles that they long felt they left behind.  What I see is that we are being gifted with amazing opportunities in this way, and that clear, present navigation is a must in order to stay balanced and centered within ourselves. What comes from this clear presence is a whole new level of empowerment.


In this livestream we'll explore practical tools along with supportive energies to help you more regularly be in the clear space of your own calm mind, whether that is in the regular rhythm of your day or the wakeful periods at night. 


Infinite Love  - 



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February 28, 2018
5:30 PM
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February 28, 2018
7:00 PM
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