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Awakening is why we are here. To wake up to what we truly are. Everything else follows after this, because awakening gives us the perspective to navigate our lives in an entirely new way.


This livestream video gives you both practical knowledge and the powerful energetic opening to move into the next step of your awakening. The time is now.


Here’s what people had to say about AWAKE:

“I am feeling so much more opened, and am getting relief, so much relief from the deep tangle of grief. I am the kid who just found a lostdog and saying can I keep him? Can I take him home? Now and forever!!!!” – Aaron

“This was an absolute dynamite event. So much content came up and so much freedom still flowing…spacious, conscious, continuous freedom flow brought into awareness from this transmission. If anyone is interested in having more of themselves, this was a gentle and powerhouse way of experiencing exactly that.” – Arianna



People often ask, “What is Awakening?” and the answer frequently given is that if you have to ask, you aren’t there yet. I find this answer unacceptable. I feel it’s easy to know what awakening is, no matter where we are on the journey. I also believe we can move into living that awakened awareness now. This is the knowledge, energy, and embodiment we will be sharing together on this livestream. Get your questions answered, and then learn how to live your answers!


The waking up journey is both cosmic and practical. It’s both the grand purpose and the daily particulars. The beauty is that as we wake up to the truth of what we are, life gets easier, more miraculous, more joyful, and more fun. Things “matter” less and move more. We live more fully from the heart. We are more peaceful.  And perhaps most importantly, we cease buying into the stories we have created of who we are. Never again can we believe that we are really just this person we call our self. And, the golden question, if we aren’t that, what are we?  No longer limited by our personality, pain, or experience (either ours or others’), we are free. This is the true joy of awakening, and it’s here for everyone. 


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